Improve your English and Prepare for College Transfer

Learn English From U.S. Instructors, Locals or Mentors

Prospective international students may also want to consider learning American English through a summer program on a U.S. university campus. “One of the best ways for international students to improve their English-language speaking skills is to participate in an English-language intensive program,” Jane Griffiths says.

School Mentors can be Great Guides

Nguyen says she spoke often with her school’s director of international admissions, who helped answer her questions about American life before she arrived on campus. She says having attended an international school all her life, she was already in the habit of practicing English with friends from diverse countries, which has helped improve her skills naturally. “English is the universal language that helps us connect with each other,” Nguyen says.

Have a Study Method

Routine has been a saviour of study for me. Creating good healthy study habits has made it so much easier to ‘get down to work’ and be in the mental zone with limited procrastination. I study for four hours a day approximately, but try not to set yourself goals by time, or you could find yourself watching paint dry and counting it as four hours study. It is much better to study a certain topic or certain activity before taking a break.

Download a Language App or English Podcast

One option for prospective international students is to use an English-language app or listen to English-language podcasts like. “Successful communication requires both understanding what others say and being understood by others. This means that improving spoken language skills involves training both listening and speaking,” says Natasha Rustikova, head of learning science at Estudiar. Podcasts can also be helpful and often have transcripts, a written version of the audio, which allow users to listen and read at the same time. 

"English is the universal language that helps us connect with each other. And as we all know, practice makes perfect.

A few of my friends are also studying, not at the same university or even the same course, but having other friends who I can ‘study buddy’ with or check in, keeps us all determined and on track. Scheduling in catch-up time can give much needed respite without panic. This keeps your goals realistic and manageable.

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